The Art of The Last of Us Part II Deluxe Edition has an amazing alternate cover and bonus goodies

Fans won’t want to miss this version.

Last year, Naughty Dog confirmed it would collaborate with Dark Horse Books to celebrate the incredible art style of its upcoming PlayStation 4 game, The Last of Us Part II. And judging by what the company revealed in its profile, the cover art for the book looked quite good. However, a new image on Reddit indicates that the Deluxe Edition of the book will have something much darker.

The cover art is below, and it features a much older Ellie as she hides in the forest from several Seraphites (cultists) on the prowl. However, she’s not about to take things lying down, as she has a large, sharp weapon in her hands to mow them down.

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Screengrab via Dark Horse Books

Now, being Reddit, it can be difficult to confirm if something like this is real. However, a recent listing popped up on Amazon that suggests that the art from the Deluxe Edition of the book is official. What’s more, it comes with extras.

This edition of the book is available for pre-order for $89.99. Along with the exclusive cover, it also comes with a slipcase as well as a limited edition lithograph, featuring Ellie and her compatriot riding on horseback. There’s a photo of what it looks like below.

Screengrab via Amazon

Both editions of the book are set to release on June 16. That’s a slight bit later than when the game arrives on its revised date of May 29. Regardless, it’s bound to be a good summer for The Last of Us fans.