The Council Episode Two releases later this month


Focus Home Interactive’s excellent politically-charged adventure game The Council is finally about to drop its second episode this month. Episode Two: Hide and Seek will release on all platfoms on May 15.

It continues the tale of Louis de Richet as he works to uncover the mystery behind his mother’s disappearance. This time around, it looks like he’ll be confronting the odd Lord Mortimer, whose island you find yourself on along with other influential members from locations around the world, including George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte. 

The adventure game gives Telltale’s cadre a run for its money, with expansive RPG mechanics applied on top of the familiar adventure game narrative template. You’ve got to pay way more attention to what’s going on around you than you would, for instance, in games like Life is Strange, and act accordingly when it’s time to make decisions. You’ll use the Social Influence system to help orchestrate chance encounters with others, as well as outside resources to turn the tide of certain conversations in your favor. Your actions are permanent, even if they aren’t the outcome you desire, which makes for an interesting landscape to play in. 

The first episode of The Council, The Mad Ones, was received well by critics and is sitting at a Very Positive rating on Steam. If you’re interested in a more adult and fascinating look at adventure games, this is one episodic series that you’ll want to invest some time in. Just don’t get too upset when the episode is over too quickly and you have to wait a little while to see what happens next. You’ll more than likely end up with a frustrating cliffhanger, and that’s where they get you.