Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games introduces new anthology, starting with creepy ghost ship

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Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games is back to their familiar hunting grounds, with a new horror game in the same vein of its excellent PlayStation 4 release. The Dark Pictures Anthology is an expansion on the formula that’s blessed Supermassive the most, with a series including several different titles.

The first story of this new anthology is Man of Medan, which is expected to come out in 2019. Players will take on the roles of a four American tourists who find their getaway turned upside down when they they stumble across a ghost ship from World War II. A somewhat reminiscent pitch of the 2002 thriller Ghost Ship, which is a real goofy movie beyond its grotesque prologue.

Much like Until Dawn, all four of the characters are on the chopping block, and there’s a variety of different endings for you to pursue. A system for everyone who yells at the screen not to split up to see if there really is a better alternative.

The Dark Pictures Anthology looks to correct many of the missteps that Supermassive Games’ interactive thriller Hidden Agenda made, so it’s going to be an exciting release for those who found themselves captivated by the horror movie-like atmosphere of Until Dawn. It’s set to debut in 2019.