The DioField Chronicle, a new Square Enix tactics IP, announced at State of Play

It’s no War of the Lions, but it sure is something.

Image via Square Enix

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During the ending of the March 9 State of Play, Square Enix made two big splashes with two new game announcements; Valkyrie Elysium, a new sequel to Valkyrie Profile, and a new tactics-based RPG called The DioField Chronicle.

Rumors were swirling around the internet that Square Enix was working on a Final Fantasy Tactics remake for the next generation of video game consoles. It looks like The DioField Chronicle may be the game they were actually working on. Focusing on a war between three nations — the Trovelt-Schovian Empire, the Rowetale Alliance, and the Kingdom of Alletain — it appears players will be able to affect the outcome of the war through their gameplay. The story follows a wide cast of characters, focusing mostly on a group of mercenaries called the Blue Foxes.

The gameplay is based on a new “Real-Time Battle System” crafted specifically for The DioField Chronicle, with “realistic, diorama-style battle scenes” and battles that require the use of real-time battlefield assessment and tactical decision making. There are many classes, equipment, and skills to choose from to ensure your victory.

The DioField Chronicle will release sometime in 2022.