New The Division 2 Update Releasing On April 5, Changes Detailed

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The Division 2 has not even been out for a month yet. However, Ubisoft has big plans for the game and want to ensure the player base remains active, even into the endgame. There’s a new update that is going to increase the world tier level to Tier 5, there’s a new Black Tusk stronghold, and more, coming April 5.

The increased World Tier level brings up the equipment cap from 450 to 500.

To unlock the next World Tier 5, you need to complete the new stronghold called Tidal Bason. It’s a Black Tusk area, heavily defended by these highly adept soldiers, interested in keeping their land. Tidal Bison is roughly the size of Roosevelt Island, which unlocks right before the endgame for players as they progress through the story. It’s a significant addition to include, and bolds well for The Division 2’s planned expansions coming out later this year.

Players can also expect to take part in Weekly Invasions, which resets each week. When you complete one of these missions for the first time, you receive a reward. However, you redo any of the tasks during the week, at any difficulty.

Here’s the small blog post Ubisoft posted on their website regarding The Division 2 Tidal Basin update. Although it leaves out several critical details, the post confirms the update is happening on April 5 across all platforms.