When Does the Division 2 Beta End?

Are you enjoying your time in The Division 2’s open beta? Luckily for you, the public beta has been extended for another 24 hours. At least, players were never officially told the beta was initially supposed to run until March 5.

Now, you can play The Division 2 until March 5, 10 CET. This time translates to 1 pm PST and 4 pm EST. If you haven’t jumped in yet, you have a full day to try the game out and see if you like it.

We posted our thoughts about the beta over here, and we also created a guide for those who feel they’re ready to commit to pre-ordering The Division 2 after their time in the beta.

The Division 2 officially launches on March 15 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For anyone eager to jump into the game first, you can pre-order the Gold Edition and gain access to the game three days early, and you get the game’s Year 1 pass, too.

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