The Division 2 Early Arsenal, Loot, Dark Zone Impressions

With The Division 2 Ultimate and Gold editions releasing today, we can have access to some interesting early impressions by several outlets over the Internet.

Among those, we can find IGN’s about arsenal, in particular about the effectiveness of weapons, loot and Dark Zone.

According to these impressions “arsenal of real-world firearms feels punchy and effective when compared that of its predecessor.”

“There is enough recoil on mouse and keyboard to warrant compensation, and enemies react to being shot much faster than in the original, which is a small but crucial detail when it comes to making gunplay feel satisfying.”

On top of that, loot is defined “interesting so far” even though it’ll take time in order to fully understand its potential.

“Loot is interesting so far, but that isn’t saying much. Finding my first AK-M was fun enough, but the true test of whether or not the Division 2 will succeed as an RPG will be determined by whether or not I’m excited to pick up my hundredth version of that same rifle.”

As for the Dark Zone, we learn some details about the way it works.

First, you need to flag yourself as rogue before you can attack another player, “which can be done by performing a number of actions including holding down a button.”

It’s worth noting that “two of the three Dark Zones in the sequel are normalized, meaning player level and gear shouldn’t matter in a fight.”

Of course, we’ll provide you with more The Division 2 information and impressions as soon as we’re ready to share.