Ubisoft Details The Division 2’s Endgame Content

Ubisoft has made sure players learn about what they can do after they’ve completed The Division 2’s story campaign with a brand new trailer dedicated to the game’s endgame activities.

Players can expect to have new missions to play, three new specializations to try, deal with occupied Dark Zones, eight-player raids, and all new gear for their Division agent.

The Division 2’s important content updates are going to be titled “episodes,” and there are three coming out this year. The first one is called Outskirts: Expeditions, which releases during the summer. In this episode, players go through two new campaign missions and attempt to save a small city outside of Washington D.C, and learn the whereabouts of a convoy that went mission.

The next episode is called Pentagon: The Last Castle and releases in the fall. We only know that the chapter includes new story missions for players and a raid where a group of eight-players attempts to infiltrate an occupied Pentagon.

The final episode of the year is set to come out during the winter. Unfortunately, Ubisoft has not shared too many details about this, except that it concludes the game’s main story arc.

We did learn the names of the three new specializations, and they are the Survivalist, the Demolitionist, and the Sharpshooter. So far, Ubisoft has a teaser page for each of these specializations, but few other details. Each of them does come with a new skill tree and a signature weapon.

All of the mentioned content will be available for free. However, anyone who wishes to have access to the latest content in The Division 2 can grab the game’s Year 1 pass for $40. With the pass, you get access to all of the content seven-days earlier, along with access to exclusive missions, contracts, and cosmetics.

If you get The Division’s 2 Gold or Ultimate edition, you automatically receive the Year 1 pass.

The Division's Year 1 Pass Details

For those who want to try The Division 2, make sure to take part in the open beta set to launch on March 1. You start the pre-download on Feb. 28. You can learn more about the game’s public beta over here.