New The Division 2 Specialization The Gunner Releases This June

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There are three specializations available in The Division 2, and Ubisoft is adding a fourth named the Gunner. Rather than taking a more rational approach like taking cover or picking out specific shots to take, the Gunner focuses on filling enemies full of bullets until they’re no longer standing.

As the name suggests, the Gunner specializes in shooting their down enemies using their specialization’s unique weapon, the minigun. When the Division Agent pulls out their minigun, they’re going to receive a boost in armor points as they assume the role of their group’s tank. With such a heavy gun the Gunner will be unable to take cover behind any of the objects in the game. They’ll have to absorb as much damage as possible. At the same time, their minigun suppresses enemy fire, granting their team members the opportunity to flank and take advantage of the temporary cease-fire.

Additionally, the Gunner is going to receive a special grenade full of riot foam. When it hits a target, it immobilizes them in place and prevents them from entering cover, or firing back.

Unlike the original three specializations, Division agents are going to have to go out their way to unlock the class. To do so, they’re going to have to complete five different in-game challenges, unless players already have the Year 1 pass for the game. Those with the Year 1 pass are going receive access to the class immediately, along with with cosmetic rewards for the Division agent, exclusive emotes, and a Gunner mask and uniform.

For now, the Gunner specialization does not have a set release date. It’s going to release onto The Division 2’s public test servers tomorrow, June 4. After a short time of rebalancing and adjusting the class, Ubisoft is going to release the specialization to the public later this month.