The Division 2 Introduces Public Test Server For Title Update 3


It was just a matter of time — The Division 2 is introducing a public test server, or PTS, as early as next week.

A PTS was already available for the original The Division, so it makes total sense that the sequel is getting one, too.

Anyway, as for the original game, The Division 2’s PTS will only be available on PC, as a separate download on uPlay.

The first PTS release will be available in time for the launch of Title Update 3, which is planned for release on April 25.

The Update is also including the first raid for The Division 2, but Massive won’t include it in the PTS in order not to spoil anything about it.

The doors for the Public Test Server will open as early as next week, but at this stage, we’ve not been provided with precise timing or date.