The Division 2 Could Join Xbox Game Pass Soon

The Division 2 Could Join Xbox Game Pass Soon

The Division 2 could be coming to Xbox Game Pass, according to a series of tweets likely teasing the game’s release on the subscription service by Microsoft.

The game’s official Twitter account has launched a message over the last few hours about a stream in partnership with Mixer, and Xbox replied to give it some more visibility asking fans if “are you locked and loaded? Because we are.”

Then, Xbox Game Pass’ official Twitter account chimed in and offered a further reply: “*grabs squirt gun* We’re ready.”

Xbox Game Pass’ social media accounts are known for being rather fun but also not particularly worried when it comes to teasing things to come. The tweet could mean anything from just a joke to a proper teaser about The Division 2 releasing on Microsoft’s subscription service sooner or later.

It’s worth noting that by the end of January, the original The Division will leave Xbox Game Pass for console, and that could mean that, after this particular time frame, its follow up could be jumping in.

Last May, we were informed that Ubisoft was not happy with The Division 2 sales. It didn’t meet its expectations, and entering Xbox Game Pass could ultimately help with increasing the userbase while allowing expansions and additional content to be joined by more and more players.