More Content Coming to The Division 2’s Open Beta


The Division 2 open beta comes out this weekend from March 1 to the 4, and Ubisoft is including a new mission that was not available in the closed version.

The new mission is a part of the game’s main quest line. Beyond that, players will have the chance to try out two other main missions, five side quests, play in one game’s PvP areas called the Dark Zone, and try out the game’s end game content. You can go through the main missions on normal or hard difficulty. During the beta, your character cannot go beyond level eight, and every player may only have one character slot.

To try out the Division 2’s end game, players need to complete the mission that takes them through the Jefferson Trade Center at least once. After this, players receive three playable level 30 characters, each a different specialization.

Those who participate in the open beta earn rewards to take with them to the main game based on what they complete. These items are available when the Division 2 goes live on March 15. Here they are below.

The Division 2 Rewards

If you’re wondering when you can start downloading the beta, Ubisoft listed the times in a helpful infographic you can reference below.

When To Preload the Division 2 Open Beta

For those who have already played the closed beta, there are still new things to check out in this open version. You can start preloading the Division 2 public beta in your timezone on Feb. 28 and start playing from March 1 to 4.

The Division 2 officially releases on March 15 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.