The Division 2 Rewards Players For Teamwork

There’s plenty to do in Ubisoft’s latest title, The Division 2, from taking down a gang who are about to execute a prisoner, to scoring some decent supplies for some citizens. But players can also receive rewards for doing nice things with other players, and you can find them under the Commendations menu.

The Commendations menu is where the game tracks all of the player’s activities. One section of these activities is called Teamwork. In it, players receive commendation points for going out of their way to assist their teammates.

For example, one of the rewards is called the “Synchronization Award,” and to receive it a full party of four players has to perform the same emote at the same time. While that ones more on the sillier side, there’s another called the “Lifesaving Distinction,” and to earn it a player has to respond to another player’s request for backup while they’re in the middle of one of the main missions.

All of the commendations give differing rewards, based on the difficulty of the challenge. There are multiple commendations tied to kills, weapons used, and even time played The Division 2.

Make sure you open up your Commendations menu while you’re playing to find ways to get rewards real quick.