The Division 2 Sharpshooter Perks Potentially Broken

Reddit user Titanburner made a terrible discovery while playing The Division 2, as one of the game’s three specializations, the Sharpshooter. Titanburner discovered their perks would break as soon as they would switch weapons. They provided a video of this occurring, which we posted below.

In the video, Titanburner clearer shows off their character’s perks in the character sheet page and proceeds to shoot at a wall, demonstrating the weapon’s stability and distinct accuracy. They then switch to their other primary, before returning to their original gun. Doing so causes their perks to drop dramatically, which they prove has happened by displaying the numbers in their character sheet once more, and then by shooting the wall to prove their point.

It’s unknown if other specializations in The Division 2 are experiencing similar bugs with their perks, or if this is widespread amongst other players.

You can view their Reddit post to see the response by The Division 2 Reddit community. Given how quickly Ubisoft addressed the broken skills cooldown issue that occurred shortly after launch, this issue should have no problems getting solved by the development team.

Sharpshooter Perks Broken

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