The Division Developer Reportedly Working On A Battle Royale Game

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A new interesting rumor comes from the pages of GameReactor, where the website’s staff claims it has received from internal sources at Massive Entertainment a hint at a possible battle royale game in the making at the developer of The Division.

The Division Dev Working On Battle Royale Mode

While this information can’t be verified, it is worth noting that The Division has already featured a similar component in the Survival DLC, where people were required to scavenge resources and use them to keep living, although the last man standing element was missing.

Based on that expansion, the Swedish software house had also issued a poll among The Division players last year asking them whether they would be interested in a battle royale add-on for Survival. So it’s clear they have had some insights along the way on this topic.

According to GameReactor, Ubisoft has asked the developer to look into the matter this January, and the response was quite positive as Massive feels they can do some battle royale experience in the style of Fortnite and PUBG relatively soon, most probably using The Division assets.

We’ve yet to understand whether the Malmoe software house is indeed producing some sort of battle royale standalone game or will try and implement its take on the genre in the already announced The Division 2.

They’re also working on Avatar 2, but it’s planned for 2019 so doesn’t seem to be related in any way with the battle royale rumor coming from the Scandinavian website.

A full presentation of The Division 2 is announced to be dropping at E3 2018 in June, so we’ll know quite soon whether it is involved in this battle royale thing or it’ll be, in confirmed, a standalone experience sharing some of its assets.