The Elder Scrolls 6 production is underway, based on these job listings

The sequel is coming our way.

Ever since its official announcement during Bethesda’s E3 showcase in 2018, we’ve heard very little about what’s happening with The Elder Scrolls 6. However, several new job listings suggest that the company has finally gone into full production.

Per this report from Dexerto, 103 job postings went up over this month on the ZeniMax recruitment page. These include a mixture of positions like producers, video editors, and programmers, for Bethesda Game Studios in Rockville, MD.

At first, it sounds like the job openings are for an unnamed project. But, upon closer look, some of them request experience with “bleeding-edge” RPG games. And, aside from The Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda doesn’t have many of these at the moment. 

There is a possibility it could be recruiting for Starfield, considering it was announced at the same time as The Elder Scrolls 6. But it sounds like it’s hiring for staff to focus on the latter, if only because it’s more highly anticipated.

Considering the appreciation that Skyrim has received since its release in 2011, Bethesda is likely going all out to assure that The Elder Scrolls 6 will see similar, if not better, success. And with Todd Howard hinting that the game could have a debut next year in time for the tenth anniversary of Skyrim, it helps to have more hands-on deck to complete the game in a timely fashion. Especially when it comes to avoiding that dreaded “crunch.”

For now, we’ll have to see what the company announces. It’s likely to have another E3 showcase this year, with a possible first look at Elder Scrolls 6 gameplay. For now, there’s only the debut trailer, which you can watch below.