The Elder Scrolls Online details customizable companions ahead of next month’s update

Companion dress-up comes June 8.

Image via Bethesda

The Elder Scrolls Online is nearing the kick-off for its next expansion Blackwood. The expansion launches on June 8 and brings tons of new content to the game. Additionally, the game is getting a “next-gen optimized” console version. However, one of the more exciting additions for veteran fans is the new ability to customize companions.

The new Companions System gives players two new companions to adventure around Tamriel. Both companions come with their own personalities; however, players will be able to customize how they look and fight. Players have complete control over their battle styles and the ability to change their gear and outfits. This lets players switch up both their companions look and give them better gear to help out against tough opponents. Companions will also slowly build up a relationship with players as they adventure, producing different consequences based on what direction players take the relationship.

On top of the customization, it also opens new doors for solo players to hop into more group content. Of course, it won’t be the same as hopping in with friends, but it does provide that opportunity if players choose to use it.

It’s all adding up to be a robust system for the Bethesda MMO. If they can nail the feeling of playing group-based content, this could be a major boon for The Elder Scrolls Online.