The Elder Scrolls VI Designed “For People To Play For A Decade At Least”


The Elder Scrolls VI is designed “for people to play for a decade at least,” said Bethesda Game Studios’ boss Todd Howard in a recent interview. That’s not very surprising if you consider that Skyrim, the fifth chapter of the series, is still being played a lot despite having originally launched back in 2011.

“People are still playing Skyrim; it’s still one of the best-selling games. I know people joke about it online, but it’s one of the best-selling games on Switch. Anything we put it out on, it becomes a hit game. And they love it; it’s almost infinitely playable, all of the mods and everything like that,” Howard said.

Indeed, the game is still being played a lot, mainly because of two factors, mods and re-releases. The title has been launched on every dedicated gaming platform out there, even the Nintendo Switch, so it’s a given that, with all of its quality, it achieves more and more players from time to time.

“It lets us know going into Elder Scrolls 6 that this is a game we need to design for people to play for a decade at least. At least,” he added, taking into consideration how long the lifecycle of Skyrim has been along the way.

While post-launch support and mods are almost a given for the title, looking at how Bethesda has handled the last couple chapters. It’ll be interesting to see on which platforms The Elder Scrolls VI will end up being, in a gaming landscape that will be soon filled by cloud platforms and Xbox One/PS4 are soon going to be replaced by next-gen systems.

It’ll take a while before we learn all of that, though, as TES 6 is releasing only after Starfield, another Bethesda Game Studios that will take quite long before being ready to launch.