The Elder Scrolls VI Redfall Legal Dispute Ending Sooner Than Anticipated

A few months ago we’ve reported about a legal dispute that could’ve further harmed The Elder Scrolls VI chances to release next year.

Indeed, ZeniMax and Bethesda were striving to obtain the rights on the “Redfall” name that would’ve been reportedly used in the full title of the game.

A dispute for the brand was going to be filed and was set to be discussed in tribunal not before the end of 2021.

This would’ve led the next iteration in the role playing game series to release in at least two years, or ultimately change its title.

Anyway, as reported by GamesRadar+, the dispute is potentially going to be settled, thanks to an agreement that could be reached between the parts.

Indeed, both ZeniMax and, the editorial company owning the brand Redfall, have asked one more month before jumping to the legal procedure.

The news has slipped off from an update from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and sparks possibilities of a settlement discussion.

The settlement could be reached in two manners: ZeniMax could be paying an una tantum fee to unlock the situation, or paying a licensing fee in order to use the brand while not retaining the rights on it.

It looks safe to say that depending on this The Elder Scrolls VI could be getting its Redfall subtitle when it releases – perhaps, at this stage, a bit earlier than 2021.