Air combat dog-fighter The Falconeer to be launch title for Xbox Series X

A new RPG will head to the Series X later this year.

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Wired Productions and game developer Tomas Sala announced today that The Falconeer will be a day-one launch title for the Xbox Series X. A new RPG air combat game that will feature dog-fighting mechanics in an open-world environment, The Falconeer‘s gameplay for the next-generation will boast 4K 60 FPS, HDR support, and will utilize Xbox’s Smart Delivery system, giving players the opportunity the play the new title on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

“Working on the Xbox Series X has been a terrific experience,” developer Tomas Sala said in a statement. “Time spent with the Xbox Series X has allowed me to harness the creative and technical power to take the player on a wondrous journey into such worlds, straight from my imagination, free from limitations.”

The Falconeer Day One Edition for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC is now available for pre-order for $39.99. Individuals who do so will receive a custom reversible sleeve, lenticular card, sticker sheet, a digital download of the Official Game Soundtrack and a digital game guide.