The Flame in the Flood developer is joining CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red brings in an indie touch.

CD Projekt red's logo

Image via CD Projekt Red

Developer Molasses Flood announced today on its Twitter that the studio will be joining CD Projekt Red, and will be working on an existing CD Projekt IP.

In the announcement, the developer explained what this means for the studio, saying that it has the opportunity “to build a completely new game in the universe of an existing CD PROJEKT IP, we get to hire a lot more folks, and we get to keep making games based on the same principals that have always guided us: making games with heart built on rich gameplay systems.”

The developer also noted that it will still be staying under the name The Molasses Flood, and that CD Projekt “weren’t looking to simply absorb us, but rather embrace us and support our own culture and growth.” The Molasses Flood has previously worked on the multiplayer survival game Drake Hollow, and more notably the rogue-like The Flame in the Flood.

The post doesn’t state which of CD Projekt’s IPs they will be working on, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s set in the world of The Witcher. It’s clear that The Witcher franchise is incredibly popular at the moment, with comics and both a live-action and animated Netflix show, so the series is a logical one to go for.

It’s also great to see that CD Projekt doesn’t want to have The Molasses Flood join the fold and be stripped of their identity. It’s easy to look at a company like Valve, who acquired Campo Santo, and worry that something similar might happen. Valve had the studio work on Half-Life Alyx, with Campo Santo’s In The Valley of Gods seemingly permanently shelved as a result, which would be a shame if the same happened to The Molasses Flood. 

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier also noted that The Molasses Flood came incredibly close to shutting down only four years ago, so the news is sure to be welcome for the indie developer.