Swery’s The Good Life is fully funded, seeking Nintendo Switch stretch goals


If you were one of the hopefuls looking for Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro’s delightful little game The Good Life to reach its Kickstarter funding goal, it’s time to rejoice.

The game has successfully met its goal, and it looks like we will indeed get to spend some time turning into cats and dogs, exploring the countryside, and living life as a photojournalist who just so happens to have a massive debt she needs to pay off. 

The “daily life RPG” puts players in the shoes of New York native Naomi, who moves to the small British town of Rainy Woods in an attempt to pay off what she owes. But the town holds some bizarre secrets, as well as the core of a murder mystery that needs to be solved. You’ll need to help Naomi pay everyone she owes via taking photos, doing odd jobs, all the while investigating the grisly murders all over town. 

After securing funding for the base game, Swery and his studio White Owls are looking to reach a stretch goal that would allow the team to bring The Good Life to Nintendo Switch in the future. The team has come a long way since the first attempt at funding, which failed when it was run via the crowdfunding platform Fig

It seems that a round of adjusted expectations, additional materials for players to inspect, and even a prototype demo this time helped bring the product to fruition, and if it reaches another milestone before it ends up closing down, we could count The Good Life as another excellent Switch game on the horizon.