The Last Cube brings puzzle-solving through brutalist architecture to all platforms later this year

A rich atmospheric puzzler drenched in the history of an alien civilization.


Image via Improx Games

The Last Cube, from developer Improx Games, is an atmospheric puzzle-solving game coming to all major platforms later this year. Players move a cube around each level, using stickers throughout each to open up new solutions. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles later in 2021. It’s already available to wishlist on Steam.

Players uncover the history of the game’s monolithic world by solving the puzzles within each chamber. Throughout the story, players will move from brutalist architecture through uplifting natural landscapes and even harsh, oppressive lava-lit factories. The game’s rich soundtrack enhances every chamber, helping to fill in the blanks from the complex alien world players journey through.

Creative director Max Samarin explains that “We’ve identified the audience who loves atmospheric puzzle games with lightweight narrative – we ourselves love these games. The Last Cube is an experience that delivers exactly that, while the unique mechanics also bring a whole novel aspect to it.”

A demo of The Last Cube is available for anyone to download from Steam. It shows off a few of the game’s mechanics and the stickers that change the way the cube behaves.