The Last of Us Part II NPC Companion Will “One-Up” God of War

As we’ve already reported a few days ago, The Last of Us Part II will see protagonist Ellie accompanied by an NPC companion, similarly to what she represented in the original game to the currently missing in action Joel.

Creative director Neil Druckmann has discussed the topic in a recent interview with Buzzfeed, and in particular, he talked about the competition that is now in place with Santa Monica Studio as, inspired by the original TLOU, they did something similar with Kratos and his Atreus for the latest God of War.


“We’re friends with those guys [at SIE Santa Monica]. We’re neighbors. I guess they’re not in Santa Monica technically anymore, but, yeah, we share tech and creative processes,” he said.

“And we welcome the friendly competition to one-up them in every regard. And you can tell [God of War director Cory Barlog] that,” he added, kind of reminding of his friendship with Barlog (he gifted Druckmann an early copy of God of War and posted a photo back in the days on Twitter).

We’re still quite a bit of time away from The Last of Us Part II but sure enough, it is interesting to note that the internal competition between Sony’s first party studios can make them grow even bigger and better, especially looking at what God of War managed to achieve.