The Last Of Us Part II Releasing March 2019?

The Last of Us Part II could be released as early as March 29, 2019, according to a listing from Amazon Italy. We’re used to placeholders being placed all around the Internet and this time around it doesn’t look like it makes any difference.

The Last Of Us Part II Releasing March 2019?

What we mean is that these date references are attached to games with long development cycles from time to time, and it doesn’t look they’re reliable most of the times.

In recent times Sony has dropped many hints toward this as far as The Last of Us sequel is concerned. The game has skipped, like the rest of Sony’s line-up, The Game Awards and PlayStation Experience 2018, which are usually the best occasion for windows or dates announcements.

So, releasing a game this big in just three months with very little to none fanfare at all would be a suicidal maneuver from Sony, especially looking at Days Gone coming in April.

TLOU Part II isn’t even coming in 2019, most probably, so you should really not hold your breath for a launch as soon as the next few months.

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