The Last of Us Part II Doesn’t Want Violence To Look “Sexy”

 The Last of Us Part II Doesn’t Want Violence To Look “Sexy”

Talking with Buzzfeed, creative director Neil Druckmann has discussed The Last of Us Part II controversial approach to violence, which we started to learn about back at the Paris Games Week last year with a quite mature trailer.

According to Druckmann, Naughty Dog studied the matter a lot in the effort not to give violence the same, clean look that all the other games and media provide. It’s going to be gross as it would be in the real life.


“I mean, our aesthetic approach to violence is to make it as grounded and real as possible, and we watch — sometimes uncomfortably — a lot of videos from the world, right?,” he said.

“The world that we know, and trying to say, Okay, we don’t to make it sexy. How do we make it real? How do we make it uncomfortable because art at times should be uncomfortable? With the story we’re trying to tell here, it should at times make you uneasy to move forward, and yet you’re so invested in the characters that you are moving forward, and hopefully you’re reflecting on the actions that you’re taking part in.”

Interestingly, in the same interview we learned about the main location of the game, which is going to be Seattle, but that there will be other places we’ll be free to explore with Ellie and her mysterious NPC partner.

The Last of Us Part II is still lacking a release date.