The Last of Us Part II Releasing 2019? Naughty Dog Comments Rumor


Over the weekend, we’ve heard about a joke article by The Onion which was hinting at The Last of Us Part II releasing 2019.

While that was a joke, we’ve had multiple rumors hinting at that over the last few months, so it’s not coming out of anywhere.

This time around, Naughty Dog offered a comment about this joke, although not in an official manner and not revealing anything new.

Director of communications Arne Meyer retweeted the article and of course sparked some concern among his followers.

To them, Meyer said Naughty Dog would be revealing more information and even a trailer as soon as they’re ready to share.

“Can’t say much, but we’ll put new things out when it and we are ready,” he said. “Appreciate you and all of our fans’ patience!”

Comments like this let us believe that the game is not coming very soon and might take a bit longer in terms of development time.

Anyway, we’re not anticipating its release for 2019, so we’re not among those who’d be disappointed about it coming next year.

Last time we heard about the game, it was listed as “coming soon.”