The Last of Us Part II Gets New Character Model

While we’re all eager to learn more about The Last of Us Part II, we’ve kind of missed something over the last few years.

A piece of art about Yara has indeed been discovered among the pages of Lead Character Artist Soa Lee, working on the game at Naughty Dog.

Members of the community have posted Yara’s newly found character model on Reddit and we can share it with you below.

The art truly provides you with an idea about what to expect from the game in terms of graphics fidelity and overall quality.

As for the character, Yara is one of the those new popping up in the yet to be fully decoded trailer which has been released at the Paris Games Week 2017.

The trailer, the most violent coming from the game, reveals the character of Yara and her brother Lev, who once were part of a religious organization called the Seraphites.

We’ll probably learn more when The Last of Us Part II is about to get launched, which could be as soon as early 2020.