The Last of Us Part II To Feature Character Played By Rapper Logic


The Last of Us Part II co-writer and director Neil Druckmann has revealed that rapper Logic will be part of the game.

On Twitter, Druckmann had shared a photo with the rapper in a moment when he was wearing motion capture equipment.

“Had a little too much fun brutalizing these two fine gentlemen,” he said in a post attached to the photography.

From the looks of it, there’s a chance Logic only plays a marginal role, perhaps one of a character who gets “brutalize,” as Druckmann mentioned.

In case you do not know that the rapper is a huge fan of gaming and in particular of Naughty Dog since he mentioned Uncharted 4 in a song of his.

Also, he has played a lot of the original The Last of Us and streamed it on his YouTube channel, so he has this kind of bond with the studio.

Hopefully, we’ll see him in the next trailer for the much anticipated PS4 exclusive, whenever it is dropping…