The Last of Us Part II “Coming Soon” According To Sony


We’ve already reported about The Last of Us Part II earlier today, with a first look at the weapon upgrade menu from the game.

Anyway, we’re not over yet. Indeed, the game has been listed in the “coming soon” section on several PlayStation websites.

In particular, pages showcasing the Naughty Dog action adventure title as “coming soon” are from the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Italy.

Of course, we know the game is coming soon, or better ‘sooner or later’, but there’s something you should know first.

Indeed, The Last of Us Part II is being listed together with other titles we already know the release dates for.

On top of that, other games that have been long in the making like Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima are not listed in the same category.

Could this mean, at least, that The Last of Us Part II is coming on PS4 earlier that the Kojima Productions and Sucker Punch’s exclusives?

We’ll likely learn more about this over the year.