The Last of Us Part II Confirmed Weapons


The Last of Us Part II will focus on the “cycle of violence” as a theme. It’ll also translate into gameplay mechanics with Ellie getting to handle a lot of powerful weapons during her and Joel’s adventure.

We see this during the previous trailers of the game. This detail was a highlight during the demo that the press played during the media event held last week in Los Angeles.

Naughty Dog told the press Ellie has a lot more weapons, and the crafted items have much more fidelity. For example, when you have a Molotov in your hands, you can see the liquid moving realistically inside of it before launching it.

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On top of that, you can craft handmade trap mines, stun bombs, Molotov cocktails, pistol silencers, and medkits. You can find the materials throughout the game’s environments. You can also upgrade weapons at workbenches you find in the world.

The demo featured multiple weapons, including a shotgun, rifle, pistol, revolver, and a bow with arrows. Players had the bow only during the segment at Seattle. Players were able to craft arrows on the fly but also recover them from corpses when they hit successfully.

So, this is just the beginning of The Last of Us Part 2. However, it’s essential to remember players have the choice to pick stealth, or a straight, loud fight.

The Last of Us Part II is releasing on February 21, 2020, for PS4.