The Last of Us Part II Creative Director Shares Release Date Joke


Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go when we die? But above all, when is The Last of Us Part II releasing? These are the main questions people wondering around the Internet are asking right now, and it looks like they won’t get their answers very soon.

Over the past few days, we reported about Ashley Johnson, the actress behind Ellie, supposedly spoiling the release date fixed for February 2020, although she has already debunked it claiming that’s a joke she usually does when asked about the date (February 31 or October 32).

Now, perhaps with this in mind, Neil Druckmann, vice president at Naughty Dog, and creative director and writer on The Last of Us Part II – has shared something new about the launch date, although it’s just another joke (luckily enough) and not a proper reveal.

He said that “every time someone asks for the release date, the game gets pushed back by five minutes,” before adding an evil emoji just for fun. It’s worth noting that the tweet has been shared in the occasion of the anniversary of the release for the original game and that he shared that he “absolutely cannot wait for y’all to experience the next chapter.”

We’re quite sure many among you feel the same. As for the actual release date, we were told a few weeks ago that, maybe because of Death Stranding launching in November, The Last of Us Part II has been internally delayed, despite being close to completion, to February 2020.