The Last of Us Part II To Feature A Dog As Companion?


Teasers on Twitter are quite the norm, especially when it comes to Neil Druckmann. The game director and co-writer of the not-so-upcoming PS4 exclusive The Last of Us Part II has a good curriculum when it comes to hinting at features and characters set to be included in the game, and this time around, in the occasion of the Lunar Year celebration, hasn’t disappointed as well.

The Last of Us: Part II To Include Dog As Companion

Based on a tweet from Druckmann, it appears that the action-adventure, survival horror game is going to feature a splendid dog when it releases between this year and 2019. In his latest tweet, the Naughty Dog big guy has posted a photo with a dog right from the motion capture studio. The year which has just begun in China is the Year of the Dog, as remarked by the hashtag he has used in his publication, and this is why it makes sense in correlation with the recurrence.

What is particularly interesting for us gamers and The Last of Us fans is that the dog in question is wearing a motion capture suit, same as Druckmann himself, and this is a very strong suggestion that the dog’s performance is being currently tracked in order to introduce it in the title?

We don’t know if this means there will be just one dog, presented as a character who will accompany us and the protagonist Ellie throughout the entire game, or there will be multiple of them, offered as kind friends we’ll meet from time to time.

Knowing Naughty Dog’s attention to detail, narrative and characters, it looks a safe bet to point at the first option, perhaps in sections where we won’t have both Ellie and Joel at our disposal. It’s just speculation but seems rather believable. Which of the two would you like better?