The Last of Us Part II Ending Was Just Shot At Naughty Dog


Time for some good news for all of you about The Last of Us Part II.

While we eagerly wait for more information about when and for which platforms the game is releasing, we learn something new thanks to Neil Druckmann.

The co-writer and director has indeed shared a tweet with a photo of the script for the PS4 exclusive, in particular from the page of the ending.

“Just shot this scene… so…,” he said, with a sad emoji. That’s a huge hint at the fact that the ending will be sad for all the supporters of the franchise, for some reason.

We’ve yet to learn about what’s happened to Joel since he’s not the protagonist of the title anymore but Ellie, and we have the impression that the scene could involve him somehow.

Of course, the fact that the ending was just shot it doesn’t mean that the work of motion capture on the game is over.

There’s a good chance that more scenes have to be shot along the way and that the ending was completed before others because of technical reasons of sorts.

Anyway, work on The Last of Us Part II is proceeding at full speed, and hopefully, we’ll learn more about it in the coming months.