The Last of Us Part II, First Look At The Weapon Upgrade Menu


The Last of Us Part II will still take quite a long time before it gets actually released, but from time to time we learn more stuff about it.

This time around, thanks to fans, we can have the first look at the weapon upgrade menu, which will be attached to the main single-player game.

This first look was included in Naughty Dog’s video for International Woman’s Day 2019 and sees UI designer Maria Capel working on the screen in real time or so.

In the screen, posted over Reddit, you can see a variety of pistols and several indicators, probably pointing at the number of upgrades you need to complete a level up.

In the original game, you could increase the fire rate, the clip capacity, the reload speed and more, and this is likely returning for the sequel.

Other stuff you can find in the video:

  • 00:20 Female hunter of sorts seemingly on the far right monitor.
  • 00:31 Working on what could be an intro, notable is that the original one was outsourced to one of PlayStation’s support groups.
  • 00:38 Different pistol types seen on the user interface.
  • 00:50 Gameplay animations or IGCs.
  • 01:12 Car rigged to be animated and being worked on by a lead animator.

And here’s the video itself.

The Last of Us Part II is still lacking a release date, but it’s likely coming early 2020 for PS4.