The Last of Us Part II Has Two New Directors, As Druckmann Becomes Naughty Dog VP


Naughty Dog has announced The Last of Us Part II co-writer and game director Neil Druckmann has been promoted to the role of vice president of the studio. As part of this promotion, two new TLOU2 directors have been appointed.

They are Anthony Newman and Kurt Margenau, with the latter who served the same role during the development process of the much appreciated standalone Uncharted 4 expansion, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy last year for PS4.

The Last of Us: Part II Director Gets Promotion

“In recognition of his expanded role, contributing on critical, studio level decisions, Neil Druckmann is now Vice President of Naughty Dog. He’s been a vital part of the management team for some time now, and we’re proud to formally acknowledge his involvement. In addition to his new position, Neil will continue as the Creative Director on The Last of Us Part II,” president Evan Wells announced on the official website of the software house.

“We’re also excited to announce that Anthony Newman and Kurt Margenau are the joint Game Directors on The Last of Us Part II. Both Kurt and Anthony joined Naughty Dog during Uncharted 2 and have been instrumental in leading the design department, and have been key contributors on our subsequent games. Emilia Schatz and Richard Cambier are the Lead Designers that round out the extremely talented design department’s leadership team.”

Whether this leads to massive changes to the way the game works, this is yet to discover. While Druckmann still is creative director, so the main leader in the key feature implementation, it is possible the two new game director might be willing to bring their vision to the title.

The Last of Us Part II has not been given a release date yet.