The Last of Us Part II Will Be At Madrid Games Week, Could Share New Gameplay Soon


As you might have heard, The Last of Us Part II will be finally returning to the public scene in a few days, when it’ll be at the center of a media event in the United States for the press to check the latest news about the game out.

The title was already shown at a GameStop managers event, and on that occasion, you might remember we were told that the gameplay exhibited over there would be coming to the general public rather soon. So it could happen that a few days after that media event (perhaps on the Outbreak Day?) that could happen.

One more clue in that direction is that Sony is bringing The Last of Us Part II in some fashion at the Madrid Games Week, which happens to be fixed on October 3-6. The dates are rather fitting as the event could show the gameplay that we could be receiving in a few days.

A blog post on the Spanish PlayStation Blog, as translated by Google Translate, says that “it will also be possible to enjoy different experiences related to the expected The Last of Us Part 2 and Death Stranding.”

It might be worth adding that “this last title will feature a theater behind closed doors where exclusive content will be screened,” so Death Stranding could also be revealing something new one month before the final release on PS4.

So, there won’t be anything special for The Last of Us Part II outside of things that, by the time of the Madrid Games Week, Sony will have already shown. With the media event and the Outbreak Day happening in September, this could be a further clue about a new reveal on its way.