The Last of Us Part II Set to Have More “Giraffe Scenes”


The Last of Us Part II will have much in common with the original game in the action-adventure series, Naughty Dog’s Neill Druckmann has revealed on Twitter.

A fan shared side-by-side screenshots hinting at parallels between the two games. Neil Druckmann, Vice President at the studio and Director on TLOU 2, joined the discussion to confirm that there will be moments in the sequel that will be heavily reminiscent of the original.

“Not the only parallel between the two games,” he revealed, with a winking face emoji.

The four moments shared by that fan include Ellie and Joel having a moment of relaxing together and lovely chatting, something that will be ’emulated’ by a scene with the older Ellie and her girlfriend, Dina. The ‘giraffe scene,’ which has become kind of a trademark for Naughty Dog, a moment in the story where you stare at the game in awe. It has been offered in other titles following the original The Last of Us (think of Uncharted: Lost Legacy‘s scene when you ride an elephant, and more).

In The Last of Us Part II, moments like that will be an essential part of the narrative. We’ve already witnessed a scene when Ellie and Dina look at all the wilderness in what should be the prologue to the main game, in Jackson County, Wyoming. Druckmann confirmed this, and more will happen along that much-appreciated line.

The Last of Us Part II is releasing on May 29, 2020, exclusively for PS4, after being slightly delayed from its original February launch window. It will be followed by Ghost of Tsushima next summer, and then Sony will shift its focus on the next-generation PlayStation 5.