The Last Of Us Part II Confirmed To Be Featuring Multiplayer Modes

The Last of Us Part II has been heavy on characters and story thus far, and Naughty Dog hasn’t provided any particular details about the modes and the gameplay things we’re going to be playing as soon as the title releases on PlayStation 4.

The Last Us of Part II Multiplayer Confirmed

Interestingly, in a recent interview provided to GameSpot, the Californian studio has revealed that the PS4 exclusive is going to feature a multiplayer mode as it happened with the original The Last of Us game.

“Factions is coming back,” co-director Anthony Newman said in an interview with GameSpot. Fellow co-director Kurt Margenau continued: “Multiplayer is coming back. We’re not going to talk details yet about what form that takes, but we can confirm there will be multiplayer.”

At the E3 2018, we have watched the first gameplay ever from The Last of Us Part II, which has been quite amazing and surprising in terms of graphics. It’ll be interesting to see whether this fidelity will be maintained across in multiplayer modes, too.

The Last of Us Part II hasn’t been provided a release date yet, but it’s likely being launched at some point in 2019. Or at least this is what we’re hoping.

Source: Gamespot