The Last of Us Part II Pre-Orders Now Open On Amazon Italy

Yesterday we reported about The Last of Us Part II release date being moved forward to make room for the launch of Death Stranding, which is, quite surprisingly to many, dropping as early as November 8, 2019, on PlayStation 4.

The game from Naughty Dog is now expected to release in early 2020, which could mean, according to Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, that it could be out in time for February. So, as get more hints and speculations on the topic, Amazon Italy has decided to open pre-orders.

While this doesn’t come with anything particularly brand new to talk about, it’s interesting to notice that such a big retailer has come out with pre-orders at a time where Sony isn’t discussing The Last of Us Part II officially.

A new State of Play has been rumored to be airing later today but an announcement has failed to be shipped, and even the much-rumored trailer has not been posted as of now. So really nothing new on the horizon outside of the release date being internally moved to February 2020 or so.

Amazon still has a placeholder release date of December 31, 2019, which one side doesn’t mean that much, on the other could be a hint at the last minute decision by Sony to delay the release when – and that’s another rumor we’ve reported about in the past – retailers had been told that the game would be coming in 2019.