The Last of Us Part II Rumored To Be At PS5 Reveal Event, Graphics Details

According to a new supposed leak coming from Reddit, The Last of Us Part II will feature “facial expressions and polygons (…) four times complexitivity than Uncharted: The Lost Legacy,” and Naughty Dog’s engine has been crafted “to rule Sony’s next generation.”

According to this rush of information, which we can’t verify, the graphics have reached a level “extremely unseen,” in particular for what matters transitions. “The transition from cinematics to gameplay is extremely unseen, it is like you’re still on a cutscene when it is actually gameplay,” reads the leak.

Gameplay seems to have received a huge amount of effort from the developers, as the world is said to be “deep and heavy,” and overall the “mechanics make the players feel the tension and the need to survive” as never (…) before.”

As for the next-generation rumors, the leaker points out that “Sony will be using The Last of Us Part II to show the world the features PS5 has to offer,” and this is something we have already heard about in the past, so it could mean this is true or that this is just that rumor coming back over and over again.

“The realism towards the graphics in this title is why he’ll be the key Sony may be using during PS5 reveal,” further adds the leak, despite stating that TLOU 2 is definitely still coming to PlayStation 4 alongside a next-gen version of sorts.

Based on the previous rumors, we learned that The Last of Us Part II should be coming early 2020, which could be everything from February to May.