The Last of Us Part II Release Date Reportedly Planned For September 27, 2019


We’ve quite used nowadays to rumors about the release date of The Last of Us Part II, and here you have one more that goes in that specific direction.

Work on cinematics was completed last week from what we know, based on things that Naughty Dog lets slip from time to time on Twitter. So, that seems to be a quite big hint at the fact that the launch might be a bit closer than initially anticipated like 2019.

Perhaps based on that idea, Swedish retailer ProGamingShop has updated its The Last of Us Part II page to let its customers know when it would be releasing according to its information. That date would be as early as September 27, 2019.

Now, we don’t know where this date is coming from, but sure enough, we have an opinion about it. From our point of view, even considering that cinematics is completed, it seems to be way too close for a title as big as The Last of Us’ sequel.

Sony, like any other publisher, would need a proper marketing window to launch it and, even though it’s so famous and anticipated that perhaps it doesn’t even need that, five months – including summer – look to be a bit too little timeframe from the announcement to the release.

That’s without even not taking into account that Sony is not coming to E3 2019, so it doesn’t have a good occasion to make an announcement this big with the right audience. It could always drop the date with a PlayStation Blog post as it has happened with Marvel’s Spider-Man, Detroit: Become Human and Days Gone, though, so this could be a problem with an easy solution after all.

Well, that’s all for now, at least until the next rumor about The Last of Us Part II release date.