The Last of Us Part II Is Definitely Aiming For A 2019 Release: US Retail Insider


The Last of Us Part II is still in the works, and recently we’ve seen how Naughty Dog has just shot the ending of the game.

Anyway, according to a US Sales insider, ResetEra user Benji, Sony is still aiming to release the PS4 exclusive in 2019.

The insider claims this is the “goal,” while he points out he isn’t sure that Sony and Naughty Dog can make it in time.

“Goal is 2019. Has been for a long time. Question is if they can do it or not,” Benji said.

“Without going into details, Sony has already started speaking with certain partners about marketing on the game. They are gearing up to launch it.”

Sure enough, it this is true, the fact that they’re talking to retail partners makes sense for a release if not in 2019 at least in early 2020.

Hopefully, with Sony skipping E3 in June, we’ll learn more about that throughout the second half of the year.