The Last of Us Part II retail version has even improved from previous builds

Although some areas are still being debated.

Image via Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part II has improved compared to previous builds, according to technical analysis from YouTube channel NXGamer. The video you can watch below takes into consideration multiple versions of the PS4 exclusive release in a little more than two weeks.

Before we get started with more info from the video, it’s worth noting all the gameplay is running on PS4 Pro, not the base version of the console. That said, it’s coming at the same file size on both the systems.

Some of the areas where the game has improved are lighting, as it’s warmer and providing a better look into details throughout the latest build showcased during last week’s State of Play.

In particular, compared to Paris Games Week 2017’s trailer, several aspects have been tweaked, like characters’ arm muscles that are now more defined and realistically showcasing the struggle of that character into trying and freeing herself from the enemies who just captured her.

When players have been used to downgrades, The Last of Us Part II is said to have kept all of the elements that had impressed the E3 2018 when it comes to combat.

Not only core animations such as Ellie swiftly moving around the environment and avoiding knife hits but also tiny particulars like enemies moving their eyes to track her are still included in the game.

Another detail in the combat system that has been noted throughout the NXGamer analysis is that arrows realistically stick in the part of the body where you hit the enemy – in the State of Play demo, his head – and you can watch that arrow stay there all the time until you go and grab it.

One area where changes applied by Naughty Dog are being debated is the animation prompted by Ellie getting elements from the environment with her hands.

The E3 2018 demo showed her realistically grabbing a bottle, in particular, while now it seems the developer has opted for a quicker system where she moves her hand on the object and it instantly disappeared just as in the original game.

It doesn’t look like a proper downgrade, but something happening to serve gameplay better, even though it remains to be seen in the final title if and how it is happening all the time. With reviews coming one week before launch, it’ll be interesting to see how that impacts the final experience.

The Last of Us Part II is releasing on June 19 for PlayStation 4.