Read The Last Of Us Part II “Thank You Letter” From Neil Druckmann Here


The Last of Us Part II is almost upon us, which is slightly weird to think about considering that until a couple of days ago we didn’t have any idea about when it could be released outside of several rumors pointing at a February launch window.

However, with the game coming to us very fast (again, very weird), we get to learn more details about it every day, and now it’s time for us to talk about some of the content included in the multiple special editions of the title that were just revealed.

Special editions – and we’re talking about the Ellie Edition, that is only dropping in North America at the time being, and the Collector’s Edition – will indeed include a “thank you letter” from director Neil Druckmann himself.

While this will be a content limited to people who purchase that edition, thanks to official photos and a bit of zooming we have the entire letter already available for your own eyes, and you can read it all below (via GamesRadar+). It doesn’t feature any particular spoiler and is overall about the themes in the game.

“What would you do if someone you loved was the victim of a cruel and violent act? How easily could one’s mind tip toward violent retribution? How far would you go to bring the people responsible to justice? If you were successful, how would it change you? Would you ever be the same?

With The Last of Us Part 2, we set out to create an experience that explores these difficult questions, the darkest sides of human nature, and the vicious cycles of violence that we witness in the world around us on a daily basis. The result is a game crafted by hundreds of developers that pushed themselves to create something more than mere entertainment – a game that we’re incredibly proud of and that we hope will enthrall you and challenge your own views of justice and empathy.

On behalf of everyone at Naughty Dog, we want to thank you for embarking on this journey with us.

Neil Druckmann | Director, The Last of Us Part II”

Of course, the content of the letter doesn’t provide any spoiler of the sort, because Naughty Dog puts its spoilers only in the trailers they release. The latest did let us know that Ellie’s girlfriend Dina dies in the prologue and that Joel has never been more alive, and will be alongside the protagonist on her quest for revenge.

The Last of Us Part II is releasing on February 21, 2020.