The Last of Us Part II Physical Edition Will Be On Two Discs


There was no question that one of today’s biggest surprises was learning when The Last of Us Part II releases for PlayStation 4. But there’s another interesting thing in-store – the sequel appears to be Naughty Dog’s biggest game to date. And that’s not just from the hype. We mean physically.

Upon closer look at the physical editions shown earlier today, the listing for the physical edition of the game indicates there are two discs for the game. This fact means that The Last of Us Part II will be larger than 50GB since that’s usually the storage space for a single disc.

That’s not to say this is unprecedented. One of last year’s biggest hits, Red Dead Redemption II, was also printed on two discs, with one serving as an “install” disc and the other meant for play. It’s not sure yet if this is how The Last of Us Part II will work, but that could be the case.

Considering that Naughty Dog’s previous release, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, clocked in at around 15-20 hours off of a single disc, there’s a good chance that this long-awaited sequel could eclipse that. It’s not confirmed just yet, though.

As for the digital version of the game, its size hasn’t been revealed. But it’s likely to clock in at least 60GB. Maybe even bigger, considering the intricate design of the world based on what’s we’ve seen in trailers. We’ll find out soon enough.

The Last of Us Part II releases on Feb. 21 for PlayStation 4.