The Last of Us Part II Won’t Be At Madrid Games Week After All


The Last of Us Part II was reported to be coming to Europe for Madrid Games Week, but that’s not going to happen. The report came from PlayStation Spain. It claimed in a post on the local PlayStation Blog that the game was going at the event in some fashion for early October.

However, a PlayStation rep told VGC that this is not true. The information was incorrectly released, and PlayStation Spain has adjusted it. The statement from the rep not only reveals that The Last of Us Part II is not playable at this time, but it won’t show in Madrid.

We don’t know if this happened for a mistake or it was just a change in the plan of Sony for the event. However, The Last of Us Part II won’t be there this year.

The report was interesting because there will be a media event dedicated to The Last of Us Part II on Sept. 24 in Los Angeles. It looked like the game could start showing up at public events after that.

Regardless, Sony has announced a State of Play broadcast for the same date of the press event, Sept. 24. We might get our first look of the upcoming Naughty Dog PlayStation 4 exclusive title after the event.