The latest Clash Royale balance update goes live Sept. 3


Some of the most popular cards in Clash Royale will receive buffs and nerfs via the upcoming balance update at the start of next month.

The most significant nerf in this balance update impacts the Witch, who’s hitpoints will be decreased by 3.5 percent. “This change will allow players to defeat her with Fireball and Log (or Barbarian Barrel),” Supercell said. “She is still a Skeleton-spawning nightmare for those who don’t come prepared, but preparing is a little easier.”

Other nerfs that are coming in September will affect Valkyrie, Royal Hogs, Cannon Cart, and Barbarian Barrel. Valkyrie and Royal Hogs’ hit speed are will become slower by 0.2 and 0.1 seconds, respectively. Meanwhile, Cannon Cart is receiving a 0.5 tile range decrease.

The Barbarian Barrel, on the other hand, will see its damage decreased by nine percent and its range shortened from seven to five tiles. But the card’s elixir cost is also being lowered from three to two—which means it’ll cost as much as The Log. “Barbarian Barrel has struggled to find a place in Clash Royale since its release,” Supercell said. “We felt a cost reduction (with trade-offs) was needed to compete with other popular two-cost Spells.”

Arguably the biggest buff is coming to Royal Recruits, who’s damage will be increased by 12 percent. Prince’s hitpoints are receiving a five-percent buff, while Lightning will have its damage increased by five percent.

Finally, Zappies will get “changed reload mechanics” in the form of “slowing down their first attack after moving but preventing them from being stun-locked by other Zappies.”

These changes will likely have an impact on the current Clash Royale meta, so players will need to adapt and adjust their decks accordingly. This balance update is set to go live in Clash Royale on Sept. 3.