The Legend of Zelda Fans Speculate Story Spoilers in Final Tears of the Kingdom Trailer

Not everyone wants to find out what’s going to happen in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom before they play.

Image via Nintendo

We’re weeks away from getting our hands on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo’s highly-anticipated sequel to the widely successful Breath of the Wild game. Fans have awaited news about this game for months, and the final trailer is coming.

Ahead of its arrival, fans of the series are hesitant about their excitement for the upcoming trailer. On the one hand, they’re going to learn more about the game, but on the other, they’re worried about possible story spoilers that could appear in the trailer, potentially ruining the experience just before they can, at last, play Tears of the Kingdom for themselves.

The Final Tears of the Kingdom Story Trailer Could Contain Spoilers

The conversations took place in the Twitter post made by Nintendo about the upcoming Tears of the Kingdom final pre-launch trailer. This trailer will be going out on April 13, 2023, at 7 AM PT, and will be livestreamed on YouTube. The team has shared this video will be three minutes long.

While multiple fans are eager to learn more about the upcoming game, not everyone feels this way. There are several comments from fans who are less enthusiastic for Nintendo to share footage of Tears of the Kingdom, with comments like, “Apparently I’m the only one who kind of feels like: stop showing more stuff. But at the same time this game is so huge, they’ll still be plenty of surprises … But still.”

Nearly every fan faces a double-edged sword when waiting to experience content for themselves, be it an upcoming video game, television show, movie, or book. However, Nintendo has been notoriously good at keeping the more important details under wraps when sharing any of this content with their fanbase, especially when it comes to the Legend of Zelda. The company is well aware of how invested fans are in a particular topic, and it wants to ensure no one feels they’ve been spoiled before diving into the game.

We’ll find out tomorrow how much Nintendo is going to share about Tears of the Kingdom. Again, the video is only three minutes long, so we imagine the team might hint at some upcoming story elements, but we doubt they can spoil too much about this sequel.