The Legend of Zelda Live Action Movie Announcement Leaves Fans As Speechless As Link

Nintendo has confirmed that a live-action movie of The Legend of Zelda is in the early stages of development.

Link lookng at his hand in Tears of the Kingdom

Image Via Nintendo

After many long years, The Legend of Zelda fans finally have confirmation that Nintendo is in the early development stages of creating a live-action movie. The news was confirmed through an official Nintendo post.

Although the news is fresh, fans are already left blown away by the sudden announcement by Nintendo. Following the massive success of the animated The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it makes sense the company would want to progress forward into other mediums. With the Nintendo team jumping straight into live-action for this iconic property, it’s a big jump at what feels like the right time.

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Nintendo Confirms Live-Action The Legend of Zelda Movie in Active Development

The news was shared on Nintendo’s official website, breaking down the early development of the upcoming live-action The Legend of Zelda film. The details are sparse, but we know a handful of things, such as it will be produced by Shigeru Miyamoto and Avi Arad, and directed by Wes Ball, who worked on The Maze Runner series and the upcoming Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.

This type of announcement is spectacular, and a huge win for The Legend of Zelda enthusiasts, who have been asking for a movie like this for a long time. Fans are already creating theories surrounding who could be many of the iconic characters from the series, such as who should be playing Link, Princess Zelda, Ganon, and many other characters who have appeared in the many games.

A big question that the film team will need to handle is how they want to tackle The Legend of Zelda series, and what they want to focus on. Will they approach like The Super Mario Bros. Movie did it, where they recreate everything from the ground up and create a new storyline, or will they be inspired by one of the preexisting, beloved stories that fans have come to know from Nintendo’s history?

Right now, we’re left to speculate on what the Nintendo team will create, and we’re likely a long way off from when we’ll be seeing a trailer or any casting choices. For now, The Legend of Zelda fans can happily craft theories and hypothesize on what Nintendo will come up with in the final product. If it’s anything close to The Super Mario Bros. Movie, The Legend of Zelda is in good hands, and it could prove to be a welcome movie for all fans.